Shop style settings

UX Shop - Responsive WooCommerce theme UX Shop - Responsive WooCommerce theme / General Last updated on Updated  Dec 15, 2018

Products grid or list

shop_grid-list_view select if you want to show the products as a grid, as a list, or show icon-buttons to let the user decide.  

Transparent products meta & title.

shop_transp_prod_meta Places the title, price, icons etc in a transparent container over the product image (Affects all product loop locations, but not the list view.). In order for the product meta to be fully transparent you have to set the Product meta with background option below, to 'No'.  

Hovered Stands out

shop_hovered_standsout Fades out all products, except the one the mouse is hovering over. If the mouse is not hovering any product, all products are visible.  

Product meta background colors

shop_productmeta_with_bg If you want the meta to be completely transparent set the Product meta with background option, to 'No'. In any other case, you can set the background color for the product meta, so you can enhance the visibility of the text over the product image.  

Product shadow on hover

shop_shadow_behind_product Show a shadow behind the product the mouse is hovering. This effect is visible only on the product in the shop page and the product category pages.  

Products style

shop_products_style Choose between one of the visualized product styles. The layout will not be exact as it is also affected by the previous options.  

Add to cart icon

shop_product_add2cartIcon Select the Add-to-cart icon to show in the product meta where it is visible.  

Categories text colors

shop_categories_textcolors In cases where the categories are shown in the product loop, you can set here the text, and background colors of them.