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Section header

single_prod_section_header Select the section(s) whose content will be shown in the single product view of all products, right before the page cover.  

Transparent header

singleproduct_transpheader Control the header style on all single product views. The transparent header is applied only when there is either a pagecover image or a section (see previous option).  

Share icons

singleproduct_showsharebuttons Enable or disable the Share icon button.  

Thumbnail on the side

singleproduct_sidethumbs Choose if you want to show the thumbnails on the left of the product image, or below it set to 'No'.  

Product meta background

singleproduct_metabackground Select what the background color of the band that holds the product meta will be.  

singleproduct_related Select how many related products you want to show, if you want them displayed in a slider, and if yes, how many you want visible.

Eg. with the settings shown above, the slider will cycle through 7 products, but only the 5 will be visible (5 columns in the slider).