Mega menus

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This theme has the ability to display dropdown menus as 'Mega' menus in two different styles. A. Normal mega menu, where the container's width is a multiple of the menu columns. mmenu_autowith_bg and

B. Full width mega menu, where the menu's container is 100% of the window size, it's background color is the header's background color (solid color), and the menu columns total width, is the grid's width.

For example, if you have 2 menu columns, each of them will 50% the grid's width. megamenu_fullwidth  

Setting up the Mega menu

Setting up the mega menu is quite easy. At first you should set the 1st level menu item that you wish as a Mega menu. You have to check both the 'Use as mega menu' checkbox and the 'Full width mega menu' if you wish to make it full width. mmenu_1stlev The next level of menu entries you create below this item will be the Mega menu's column headers. The children of these column headers (the 3rd level items), will be the Menu items of each column. Here you can see a finished Mega menu tree, with 4 Columns and 3 items in each column: mmenu_tree_backend If you have successfully created your mega menu, you can check out how you can add a background image to your menu container.