Manually updating the theme.

UX Shop - Responsive WooCommerce theme UX Shop - Responsive WooCommerce theme / FAQ Last updated on Updated  Apr 29, 2019

In case the "Envato Market" plugin shows the theme but only gives you the option to install it, instead of updating, you can try the following:

  • Update manually by switching to a different theme, deleting "UX Shop" and re-installing it from the zip file.

(Remember to download the zip file containing only the theme , and not the complete package).

This will have the same results as automatically updating the theme. 


  • You can edit the style.css file in the theme's directory and change the author from :
Author: develoved 


Author: ioDSGN 

Afterwards the Envato Market plugin should give you the option to update.

If you are having trouble with this procedure, please open a support ticket.