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General page cover controls

These settings have effect on all pages/posts/products across site, unless explicitly overriden. pagecover_generalsettings You can enable or disable the parallax effect on the background image of the page cover, which in turn reveals the Ratio and Offset settings for the parallax effect. The Ratio is relative to the natural scroll speed, so a ratio of 50 would cause the background to scroll at half-speed, a ratio of 100 would have no effect, and a ratio of 200 would cause the element to scroll at twice the speed.

The offset refers to the initial position of the background image. You can use positive or negative values to achieve the desired effect. The cover height can be set in one of three modes: Contents+padding, Window Height and Custom. When 'Contents+padding' mode is selected you can explicitly set the top & bottom paddings.  

Cover Overlay

pagecover_overlay Here you can enable an overlay of customizable color, or even background image, to either appear and/or dissappear as the page cover scrolls in and out of view.

For example, a value of 'Overlay opacity (min)' = 50 and 'Overlay opacity (max)' = 100 will make the coverlay 50% visible initially and 100% visible when it almost out of view.

You can also achieve the opposite effect, making the overlay dissappear as you scroll away from the page cover, by setting the min value larger than the max.


Default Image

pagecover_defaultimage Setting a page cover default image will make it appear everywhere, site-wide, on every page/post/product etc, unless a cover image is explicitly set in that object.   pagecover_colorscheme Set the color scheme for the text in the page cover.