Header - Appearance

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header_transpheader The 'Transparent header' setting makes the header transparent only where it is applicable. If there is a cover image, or there is a section first before the content, the header will be transparent, and the cover image/section will be behind the header. If this is not the case, the header will be regular, solid color, and the content will start right after the header.   header_stickyheader The sticky header option will make the header re-appear after you scroll down. The 'sticky' header will have separate attributes, such as colors and height. header_heights You can separately set the normal height for the header, and the height of the sticky header. headers_grid_width The Header grid width if set to 'Full width' will make the header's container be 100% of the window. Note that this also affects the mega menu's width.  

Header menu options

header_menu_options2 The menu alignment aligns the menu, in relation to the header, to the left/right or center. The menu elements paddings lets you adjust the horizontal space between menu items. You can decrease it to make items closer toghether and fit more. The Auto collapse menu when enabled, detects when there are too many items in the menu to show, and automatically collapses it to a menu icon, which pops out the left sidepanel when clicked.  

Topbar options

header_topbar You can enable or disable the Topbar The topbar has a content area and a menu location. The position of those two can be swapped with the 'Top bar layout' option. You can set your own content in the 'Top bar content text' option and the field supports shortcodes, but only the shortcode [[socialicons]] is designed to be used in this field.  

Header Icons

header_headericons Show or hide the respective icons.