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Google API key

A Google API key is required to render Google Maps. You can check this link on how to create one.  

Tracking Code

You can enter here your Google Analytics, or any other tracking code. Make sure code is inside script tags. ( <script> ..... </script> )  

Custom Map style

When you are using the theme's 'Styled Map' element you can select between the Theme's map style, the default (Google's) map style and a custom map style which you can declare here. In order to do so, you go over to the great Snazzy Maps site, find the map style that you like, click 'COPY CODE TO CLIPBOARD' : snazzy_maps

And paste the copied code into Custom Map style option back in the theme's settings.  

Disable uppercase styles

This setting, if set to Yes, disables all the uppercase string transformations by the themes stylesheet. All strings will be presented as typed. Useful in certain locales.

Smooth Scroll

You can disable the Smooth scroll functionality if you don't like it.